Ofsted: How we perform

We believe in an unremitting focus on school improvement in each of our schools. We pride ourselves in supporting each child as an individual and driving improvement to ensure each reach their potential.

Mrs Ethelston’s, Uplyme

July 2018

  • Expectations are high.
  • Leaders ensure that good-quality teaching, learning and assessment lead to strong outcomes for pupils. They will not compromise in their pursuit of a high standard of education for pupils. Leaders have pupils’ best interests at the heart of all they do and despite some staff recruitment obstacles, have held firm.
  • Support staff play a pivotal role in helping pupils and demonstrate a strong understanding of their roles and responsibilities... Support staff work with pupils well and promote their progress well. This is particularly strong where support staff work with pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities.
  • Pupils’ have access to a rich and varied curriculum which is deeply rooted in the school’s distinctive Christian character...Pupils are open-minded and welcome difference.
lego pieces

Axminster Primary Academy

November 2017

  • All staff are ambitious for the school. Staff feel well supported. A passionate culture for further improvement exists.
  • Pupils’ progress across the school in all subjects was rapid. Attainment is rising quickly.
  • Leaders have a clear understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.

St Andrews CE Primary, Chardstock

November 2017

  • The new headteacher is backed by a motivated, committed workforce. Staff want the best for pupils and are united in driving forward improvements.
  • Pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural needs are well supported. They are known as individuals. Staff work closely with families to help pupils feel safe and ready to learn.
  • Pupils benefit from a curriculum which develops a range of skills, knowledge and interests


March 2019

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management - Good
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment - Good
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare - Good
  • Outcomes for pupils - Good
  • Early years provision - Good
  • Summary of key findings for parents and pupils - "This is a good school"

Marshwood CE Primary

May 2017

  • You have worked tirelessly to make sure that pupils are receiving a good level of education.
  • One parent commented: ‘The school offers the most enriched learning environment for my children and they absolutely love sharing their school experiences at home.’
  • Pupils experience a rich curriculum, both in school and out.

Membury Primary

April 2015

  • The headteacher’s excellent leadership inspires staff and pupils to do their best. Her commitment to ensuring everybody succeeds is a significant factor in the improved teaching and achievement
  • Teaching is consistently good because teachers know their pupils well and plan work carefully to meet their differing needs.
  • The provision in the early years is good so that children make a positive start to school. They settle quickly and happily into school routines.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They are eager to learn and very attentive in lessons. Pupils feel very safe in school and look after one another with great kindness and consideration.

Full Ofsted reports can be found on each schools websites and also the Ofsted Website: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/

To provide high quality education and deliver the best possible outcomes for young people, enabling every child to reach his or her potential, regardless of background.

Years 5 and 6 at Marshwood

18 Apr 2018

Butterflies in the library

18 Jul 2017

Mrs Bowie came to work with KS2 at St. Andrew's Primary to create an art installation for the library. The children created four hundred butterflies to celebrate all the wonderful books that are in sc...

Core Value Banners

18 Jul 2017

St Andrew's is delighted to share its new Core Value Banners. The banners were designed and drawn by the children working alongside the artist Fee Bowie and Mrs Gilmour-White. Fee Bowie then enlarged...

Oak Class Trip to London

18 Jul 2017

On Wednesday 11th March, children from Year 5 and 6 from St. Andrew's Primary Chardstock were given the amazing opportunity to fly to London for the day.  The children flew from Exeter to London...

St Andrew’s recognised for its high achievement

18 Jul 2017

St Andrew’s C of E Primary Academy Chardstock has received a high ranking in the BBC’s school league table. The school’s results place it 34th out of all state primary schools nation...

Flamingo Pool - People's Millions Vote

18 Jul 2017

Thank you from the Flamingo Pool in Axminster to all our parents and staff who voted in the People's Millions TV show . All our schools use the Flamingo Pool for swimming lessons, and many parents and...